Congratulations to Game of Thrones

April 9, 2013 — Leave a comment


The season 3 premier to Game of Thrones has officially been recognised as the most pirated TV episode ever (cnnmoney; thereview; cbcnews). I haven’t watched it yet (which means I haven’t contributed to the score). But I do challenge the statement. Why? Because many of those who’ve downloaded it have already paid to watch it through their network subscriptions!

Understandably – its a brilliant series and people really want to watch it. I, for one, am really keen to see Season 3. Broadcast subscriptions are the new CD’s – they’re pretty outdated and far too dumb to change their model of doing business.

So, even though I pay for it through my network subscriptions and don’t watch it on my network I’ll be considered guilty of piracy if I download it so that I can watch it. In that case, maybe HBO can reimburse me for not having watched S02 on my network. Then I can buy it in iTunes and watch it at my convenience.

This leaves me wondering how many others choose to watch series like Game of Thrones through downloading it while legitimately having contributed to the series by paying network subscriptions.

Seriously HBO, you’ve got a product people really want. Wake up and and help them to give you money so that they can watch your show.

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