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July 13, 2013 — Leave a comment


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Recently Adobe released Creative Cloud and naturally I did an instant upgraded. This update includes a major shift in how Adobe does business. Adobe has essentially transitioned from product vendor to a services vendor, which now means that one pays a subscription in order to use their products. Traditional software owners object to this, but it seems like a good shift.

The biggest advantage for subscribers is the option of subscribing to single applications, assuming that’s all you need, or to the full product line—which is significantly cheaper than having to purchase what was previously their Master Collection suite. For those who cross the boundaries between design for physical and digital destinations this is good news.

What I’m happiest with: InDesign

I’m happiest with the changes to InDesign. They’ve addressed my biggest frustration with InDesign CS6—a 32bit application for layout that’s slow to process images and graphics. Transitioning to a 64bit application and to the Mercury Graphic Engine means that working with InDesign is a significantly more pleasant experience. Speaking plainly, its smoother and faster. Something I appreciate significantly when working on larger and more complex publications.

Not only have Adobe included new products they’ve also removed the limitations faced by owning a limited range, focused on either print, web or media production. It is now easier to create products without being boxed into one speciality.


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