Hijacking is a reality

August 29, 2014 — Leave a comment


Driving home from work I was stuck in slow moving traffic. The traffic lights had gone red and green three times with me inching my way to the intersection. I noticed two people walking up to my car. One approached from the passenger side, drew a gun and pointed a gun at me. The guy on my right had a knife. Trapped between a car ahead and a car behind I had no where to go. They made me unlock my car door, the guy with a gun got in the passenger seat. The other guy got in the back seat. As the robot went green they told me to drive. Frozen in fear I hesitated for a second, and suddenly I had a knife to my throat and a gun to my head…

A prevalent reality

Sadly, the situation described above is not unrealistic. Its one possibility among many – a potential reality.

Speaking broadly, aircraft, boats, trucks, and cars get hijacked. These are forms of piracy in modern life. Though the first three aren’t directly applicable to this post there is excellent training available covering those situations. There are a number of courses available on the subject of hijacking, most of them focus on how to cooperate with perpetrators. Admittedly, standing there on the side of the road having your possessions stolen but being unharmed is the best possible win-lose.

There are two reasons hijacking takes place – the acquisition of goods, and/or the acquisition of people (as goods). If the goal is simply the acquisition of vehicles and goods, then common wisdom has it that the simplest solution is to not resist and give over the goods. In fact, between postings in my local newspapers and messages sent via the chat network on our local Community Policy Forum the prevalent advice is to passively cooperate to avoid the loss of life and limb.

Kidnapping may follow from hijacking

But what if they don’t just want your goods? What if they want to take you with them? Being taken hostage is often a precursor to being raped and tortured. Sure, a few happy cases come out unharmed. People always seem to feel that somehow God looked out for them and it was a miracle. You know those that were harmed? Most of them looked to God to protect them to. It didn’t work out so well for them. By all means, pray like its all God but work like its all you.

Deliberate intent to harm may be included in hijacking

What if they intend to clearly harm you or your loved ones? In a few situations the perpetrators clearly intend to harm the occupants of the vehicles. The shift can be quick and sudden, usually indicated by an internal warning that things are gonna get ugly. When the perpetrator wants to harm you or your family, is “simply cooperate” the right option? Could you stand by while you, your spouse, and even your kids get shot, stabbed, raped, and murdered? What can you do? Many victims do try, and fail, to defend themselves. Part of their ongoing trauma is due to this.

An 8 week training solution

This course focuses on what do when you know “simply cooperate” is not an option. When you need to resist, when you need to defend yourself, your spouse, and your kids. When its called for to defend yourself and your loved ones its important to do so in the best and most efficient ways possible. You want to set yourself up for success. You don’t want to be in a lose-win or, worse, a lose-lose situation when your family is on the line. The Hijack Defence Course consists of 8 weeks of training to develop skills enabling you to successfully defend yourself and your loved ones when you need to. Do you want to know what to do in the situation described above? We’ll not only show you but will teach you the skills you need in order to come out situations, like the one at the top of the post, winning.


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