Carjacking and truckjacking in South Africa

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Carjacking and truckjacking are serious crimes. They are property and personal crimes – property in that they are the illegal acquisition of a motor vehicle and its goods; and personal crimes, in that they impact the psychological and/or physical health of the victims. Hijacking may best be described as the armed assault of the occupants of vehicle.

In an earlier post I noted the prevalence of carjacking in Gauteng compared to the rest of South Africa, specifically that the majority of carjacking and truckjacking taking place in South Africa happens in the province of Gauteng. In this post we delve a bit deeper into the stats and provide a breakdown of the stats to compare the totals and percentages of each province. We also look back at carjacking over the years in the province of Gauteng.

Carjacking and truckjacking – the numbers

Putting the figures together in a graph really brings the magnitude of the problem home.

  • Carjacking In Gauteng = 6 064, totalling 54% in RSA
  • Carjacking in Kwazulu-Natal = 2 274, totalling 20% in RSA
  • Carjacking in Western Cape = 961, totalling 9% in RSA

Carjacking is 2,6 times more prevalent in Gauteng compared to Kwazulu-Natal, and 6,3 times higher than Western Cape.

Carjacking RSA numbers

Carjacking RSA provinces compared – numbers


Carjacking RSA provinces compared – percentages

The number of incidents of truckjacking taking place differ geographically compared to carjacking, with Mpumalanga coming out second compared to Kwazulu-Natal. Here Gauteng has 2,7 times the number of incidences compared to Mpumalanga and 7,7 times the number of incidents than the Free State.

  • Truckjacking In Gauteng = 547, totalling 55% in RSA
  • Truckjacking in Mpumalanga = 197, totalling 20% in RSA
  • Truckjacking in the Free State = 71, totalling 7% in RSA
Truckjacking Numbers

Truckjacking RSA provinces compared – numbers


Truckacking RSA provinces compared – percentages

Carjacking and truckjacking the history

The historical trend puts the peak of carjacking incidences in Gauteng up at 7 662 in 2008-09. This ended a period of relative stability where carjacking climbed from 7 230 in 2004-05 up to 7 662 2008-09. After 4 years of steady decline down to 4 952 in 2012-13 carjacking has spiked significantly in 2013-14. Carjacking saw an increase of 22.5% in 2013-14 therewith reversing the downward trend!

Trucking peaked in Gauteng at 906 the same period in which carjacking peaked 2009-10. The period 2009-10 ended a 4 year rise in truckjacking in the province with a 3 year decline in numbers. The period 2012-13 sees the start of an upward trend that continued in 2014. Truckjacking saw an= increase of 4,4% in 2013-14 therewith continuing the upward trend.


Carjacking Gauteng Province 2004-2014


Truckjacking Gauteng province 2004-2014

Map of South Africa

Here’s a map of South Africa by way of reference.

South Africa

Map of South Africa



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