Gear Review – Daniel’s Holsters

February 12, 2016 — Leave a comment


Holsters are quite personal. You keep them close to you and they play a significant role in your experience of every day carry. Your holster can make your carry experience a literal pain or relatively comfortable. The wrong holster can really make the experience of concealed carrying a pistol pleasant or unpleasant. I’ve been carrying a Glock 17 as my EDC weapon. Due to how cumbersome its been feeling I’ve been wondering whether I should switch to a Glock 19 instead. After recently switching to a Daniel’s Holsters holster for the Glock 17 I feel perfectly happy sticking with the larger Glock 17.

Both the holster and magazine pouch I’m using are both made by by Daniel’s Holsters, who can also find on FaceBook. Daniel’s Holsters put themselves forward as the makers of “deep concealment holsters and custom kydex® holsters”. They are situated in South Africa and I’m pleased to note that they’re a local company offering first class equipment. Not only am I happy to support them and promote their products. (When I get a gear shop I’ll also be stocking their equipment.)

The package

A no frills package containing both the holster and mag pouch.

The holster

The holster is made from quality kydex® and is really minimalist. What I love about the holster is that by shifting a few screws I can easily adjust the retention it provides to my firearm and, it looks to me, like easily switch from a right- to a left-hand configuration. Not that I need to switch to a left configuration but so that the holster is readily available to lefties, which is fantastic. (No need for the lefties in the world to feel left out 😉 )

The holster completely covers the action while sufficiently covering the magazine release. Due to the minimal nature (yup, near complete lack of any extra bulk) it is easier to conceal your firearm … in fact, Daniel’s Holsters say that their holster is a “deep concealment” holster and this proves quite true.

The cut of the holster does not get in the way of attaining my grip when I grip my pistol. The bonus to the retention is that my pistol won’t fall out when I get active, and I do get active when carrying my firearm.

The single clip provides the opportunity to quickly and easily adjust the location of the pistol during my daily activities. I can quickly shift the position of my firearm anyway from 1 O’clock to 3 O’clock to 5 O’clock. My previous holster, with two clips, basically meant that the way I put it in was the way it sat till I could reconfigure it.

Though comfort is a high factor when looking for a holster I’d never previous factored how hot and sweaty a particular holster can be. It’s great that there are materials that carry sweat well, but the downside is that they still make you hot and sweaty. The unstated benefit of the low-profile kydex® holster is that it is a cooler option—not tacticool but rather the kind that does not make you hot and sweaty. I’ve been dreading carrying my firearm with the increased heat we’re experiencing.

The mag pouch


My previous mag pouch was a double that lacked sufficient retention on the magazines. Basically, if I got active there was a good chance that I could lose a magazine. In contrast, the Daniel’s Holsters mag pouch has retention and will hold the magazine when I get active. I’m yet to try their double mag pouch and am equally planning on trying two single mag pouches to see how that fits.

Custom holsters

I’ve clearly established a love for minimalist kydex® holstes. In fact, I’ll be commissioning a holster and will post a review of the process and what I end up with 🙂


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