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Carjacking and truckjacking are serious crimes. It is both a property crime, the acquisition of a motor vehicle and its goods, and a personal crime, the psychological and/or physical damaging of an innocent human being. It is probably best described as armed assault on the occupants of a vehicle.

In this post we delve a bit deeper and consider the numbers, percentages of each province as they stack up in RSA.

We conclude this post with a brief reflection on the history of car- and truckjacking from, 2004-2014.

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We leave from home to drop kids at school and head to work, and after work pick our kids up and return home. We spend a lot of time at home and in transit in our cars. A noteworthy fact is that the majority of these crimes – the ones that take place against people in cars and people in homes – take place in one province. If there’s anywhere in South Africa that you’re likely to be carjacked or robbed that place is going to be Gauteng.

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In a few situations the perpetrators also intend to harm the occupants of the vehicles. The shift can be quick and sudden, usually indicated by an internal warning that things are gonna get ugly. When the perpetrator wants to harm you or your family simply “cooperating” is not an option. Could you stand by while you, your spouse, and even your kids get shot, stabbed, raped, and murdered? What can you do?

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